Site Safety

Increase your site safety with Bollards and Barriers and Safety Traffic Cones

Bollards, barriers and traffic cones are important safety equipment used to protect people and property by controlling access, redirecting traffic, and preventing collisions. They play an important role in traffic management and are a must when securing a site.

Bollards come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They range from permanent structures that are embedded into the ground or attached to building facades to portable bollards that can be quickly moved and deployed as needed.

Barriers are used mainly for perimeter security and are typically made of fencing or walls. They can be permanent or temporary.

We offer a range of barricade tapes, expanding safety barriers, retractable belt barriers, and other road safety barriers.

Safety Traffic cones are ideal for temporary traffic control in workplaces, roads, foot paths and public areas. These cones provide a clear and visible solution for redirecting traffic.

Make safety in the workplace your top priority. Prevent any accidents and injuries that may arise at your jobsite with barriers, safety cones and bollards. Be it barrier tape and flags or bollards and barrier mesh, we’ve got what you need to keep your site safe.

Site Safety
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