Slip Resistant & Protective Coatings

Prevent slips & falls with Slip Resistant & Protective Coatings

Slip resistant coatings and protective coatings are a great way to add a tough anti-slip layer to areas of regular traffic areas that need extra grip and traction, such as pathways, courts and flooring. These coatings can be applied on various surfaces including concrete, metal, tile, and wood, and are designed to reduce the risk of slipping or falling due to uneven or slippery surfaces.

They come in a variety of finishes that offer increased traction without compromising the aesthetic appeal of the surface. Additionally, these coatings are highly durable and can last for years with minimal maintenance.

We offer a range of Slip Resistance & protective coating products that are also available for line marking & stenciling that are durable and suited for outdoor settings.

These coatings are made from coarse particles that impart a rough abrasive surface to create an anti-slip surface.

Choosing the right application for the right environment is the first step in making sure you have a successful slip resistant coating solution. Contact us and we can provide help with determining what will work best for each area.


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