Solvent-based Adhesives

Need Hardware Lubricants, Sealants & Adhesives? Then Look No Further That Junction Tool Supplies

No matter the surface or the material, from foam to fabric and almost every type of wood or metal; you’ll find an adhesive or sealant for the right application at Junction Tool Supplies.

We supply Adhesives and sealants for a range of uses whether it is for the DIY project or for trade and industrial purposes.

When it comes to industrial adhesives, we know there are many different applications not only for bonding and sealing surfaces, but also for waterproofing, corrosion prevention, oxidation prevention, sealing pipes, protecting surfaces, and mounting items. Whatever project you are working on, having the right adhesive for the job is critical. It’s not only about ensuring that the two materials bond together, but also that they stay bonded.

Our extensive range of sealants can also assist you. Whether you’re looking to use non- silicone sealants that seal building construction joints, facades, glazing or flooring joints or silicone sealants to cover gaps in the building’s interior or exterior.

We’re pleased to offer a wide selection of everything you may need for your particular bonding or sealing job which currently includes silicones, epoxy adhesive, adhesives glue and much more.

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Find Exceptional Solutions Tailored Especially For Your Needs

Working with adhesives is a very technical business. It’s not just about adhesives. It’s about the correct ways to use adhesives, what materials used and the requirements of the final product for you.

We also understand that when it comes to sealants that the 2 most important factors to keep in mind when selecting which one is the application site’s temperature range and moisture level.

Use these questions as a starting point to tell us about your job needs and we can advise a complete tailored solution on the right product and equipment for your application.

  • What materials do you need to bond (plastic, metal, rubber, etc.)?
  • Is the gap size you need to fill small or large?
  • Will the bond be affected by any environmental factors?
  • What temperatures will the bond be exposed to?

Just like adhesives come in a wide variety and versatility, there are also numerous adhesive application methods and equipment to carry out the application.

Our range of Adhesive & Sealant Equipment includes:

  • Hand guns
  • Glue gun
  • Brush & trowels
  • Sealant applicator tools
  • Spray Guns
  • Caulk guns
  • Foam Guns

Don’t forget to put safety first and use PPE. We stock latex gloves, dust mask and safety glasses. Check our safety gear and equipment products.

Whether you have a small or large project, let our knowledgeable staff help you select the correct adhesive & sealant product for your job. Our team has decades of experience providing superior customer service and finding the right solution to your needs.

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From painting walls to keeping shoes polished and protected, solvents are vital to many everyday items. Oil-based paints, wood finishes, adhesives, and sealants – these all contain components that make them essential in our lives. However, they are not the only ones; paint strippers, cosmetics, aerosols, and even household cleaners require solvent ingredients for their manufacture.
The adhesive is commonly called glue, cement, or paste. It is essential for creating strong bonds between a diverse range of substrates, from metals to ceramics, plastics to elastomers – even wood products and sandwich structures. These specialised materials can do the job, whether holding two pieces together or protecting against weathering and corrosion.
Adhesion, the technical term for sticking things together, is more commonly referred to as “adhesive”. Liquid substances are often colloquially called “glue”. It’s amazing how an adhesive substance can create a seemingly permanent bond between two disparate materials with no effort at all.
Solvent-based adhesives are a powerful combination of thermoplastic and elastomers like polyurethane, silicone, acrylics, and rubbers that transform from liquid to solid with amazing bonding power. With their flexible nature, these mixtures can be used in all kinds of construction projects and everyday home repairs.
Solvent-free means there are less than 5% harmful solvents in the adhesive. Whereas any adhesive that has more than 5% harmful solvents would be classed as solvent based.
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