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Hazardous spills can cause major damage to both people and the environment, making it essential for businesses to have effective spill containment systems. You’ll never know when a spill will happen. An inadequate response plan or failure to meet OH&S regulations could lead to costly clean-up fees and hefty fines – a risk no business should take lightly. Investing in quality solutions will ensure that you are prepared for any potential emergency.

Junction Tools Supplies is your #1 source for complete spill containment solutions to protect workplaces from hazardous chemical spills or leaks. We offer a comprehensive selection of products from top brands, so you can protect your business and the environment by ensuring that spill containments are handled quickly and properly. Never worry about workplace safety again with our technical assistance and range of quality supplies.

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Save Time, Efforts And Costs With Our Range Of Spill Containment Equipment And Products

Spill Kits – these kits consist of absorbents, PPE disposal bags and other items to help you quickly respond to a spill. These products come in a wide variety of configurations as container, bags, buckets and wheeled bins to suit any industry including workshops, loading docks, liquid transfer facilities and factories.

Absorbents – create a safer and cleaner workplace with spill absorbents. Whether you need absorbents for oils spills. chemicals or spilled liquids

Bunding – portable spill containment solution which can be set up in minutes. These can be used for drum storage and equipment wash down.

Spill Curtains, Socks & Booms – use these to act fast and contain spills or all sizes. Socks and booms stop a spill from spreading by creating a barrier around the spill. With their long shape they are also called absorbent snakes or ropes. Booms are larger than socks and are ideal for stopping larger spills from spreading on land and water. Curtains are used to control sediment from construction sites, dredging and decanting.

Spill Pallet & Decks – perfectly guard against hazardous spills and leaks. Able to withstand even corrosive chemicals, they provide a safe way to contain dangerously toxic liquids and protect both people and the environment.

IBC Spill Pallets – These containment pallets are the perfect solution for containing and recovering spilled liquids. With both galvanised steel and tough polymer construction, these pallets provide unbeatable protection against potentially costly chemical spills.

Spill Trays – Avoid the mess of drips and spills with our spill trays range. Constructed from polyethylene, this range will not rust or corrode – making it an ideal choice for busy warehouses and factories. Instead, enjoy a smoother liquid-pouring experience free from splashes and “burping”.

Portable Spill Mats – Protect yourself and the environment with portable spill mats. These handy mats are designed to capture dangerous, toxic spills before they reach the ground. Not only that – but you can also easily fold them up into a compact size for storage in tight spaces whenever needed.

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You want the best quality product available when looking for spill containment systems. No matter where you are located, we are sure to have the spill kits and absorbents you need to make sure your workplace is ready for any spill or emergency. Need further information or advice, get in touch.


Spill containment pallets are essential to spill control and prevention, particularly when dealing with hazardous chemicals. Their purpose is to contain liquid or solid material at risk of spilling, ensuring that it can be contained and cleaned up with minimal disruption and damage.
Spill Decks (also called spill pallets) provide a versatile and efficient way to store various liquid substances, allowing you to customise your containment needs. With the ability to expand capacity by combining multiple Spill Decks, liquids are kept in separate sumps for safe handling with no worries about cross-contamination.
Spill containment is an essential proactive measure that stops hazardous liquids from leaking onto the ground and polluting soil or affecting nearby water sources. Individuals can rest assured that their environment remains uncontaminated by potentially harmful chemicals and oils with a sturdy barrier or drainage system.
There are three main spill kits: oil spill kits, chemical spill kits and universal spill kits. Oil spill kits come in handy for workplaces regularly dealing with oil and fuelling needs. These spill kits typically contain absorbents like boom, pads, socks, and pillows, as well as a spill containment pallet to quickly contain any spills or leaks. Chemical spill kits are designed for when there may be a chemical exposure or spill in the workplace and have absorbents specifically suited to this purpose. Universal spill kits are general purpose and are capable dealing will spill of non-aggressive chemicals.
Responding to a spill is an essential action in any critical incident. The three general steps for spill response are stopping the spill or leak at its source when possible, calling for emergency assistance if hazardous substances or corrosive materials are involved, and finally, containing the spill with spill containment products such as spill pallets.
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