Abrasive Anti Slip Tapes

Abrasive Anti Slip Tapes for a safer workplace

Reduce accidents and increase safety throughout your workplace with abrasive anti- slip tapes. Anti-slip tapes have a “sandpaper” texture, and are designed to prevent falls, slips and accidents by enhancing the safety of critical areas such as stairs and ramps.

Easy to apply, the self-adhesive backing bonds to a variety of surfaces including concrete; timber, tile, marble, granite and rubber and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Once stuck down, the tapes can be walked upon immediately avoiding any down time.

anti slip tape

Features of our Anti -Slip Tape include:

  • Available in a range of colors and high visibility marking
  • Ideal for areas subject to moisture
  • Easy application, self-adhesive – peel off liner and apply to surface
  • Available in sheets and rolls
  • Use on stairs, tiles, ladders, warehouses and work vehicles

Drop into Junction Tool Supplies and let us help you find the right anti-slip tape to make your workplace safer.

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