Masking & Packaging

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Masking and packaging tapes are used widely in many industries. Packaging tapes are a crucial tool for anyone looking to secure their packages and shipments and are ideal to use when packaging up goods for postage or boxes for moving. Masking Tape is a kind of pressure-sensitive tape used to hold, shield, or mask objects while painting, sanding, or doing other tasks.

Packing tape is a must-have item for businesses and individuals alike. There are several types of packing tapes available including clear & brown acrylic packing tape and coloured and printed packing tapes.

Masking Tape is made from a thin and easy tear paper and offers good conformability to irregular surfaces. Masking tape is available in several adhesive strengths and the solvent free adhesive sticks to most surfaces including metal, rubber, glass and plastic.

At Junction Tool Supplies you will be able to find the perfect tape for your needs. Whether you choose clear, coloured, or printed packaging tape to ensure the safety of your packages, a handheld dispenser or need masking tape in various colours, widths, lengths we have got you covered.

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Masking & Packaging
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