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Chain and sprocket drives are used to transmit power from one component to another. Specifically, they transfer speed and torque through the use of a linked chain and sprockets.

Sprockets are gear-like toothed cogs that rotate to keep roller chains and conveyor chains in motion. The teeth of a sprocket are designed to slot into the links of a chain or belt, with various sizes available to accommodate for numerous chain pitch sizes.


Sprockets are available with several different bore types to suit a range of applications. The most common types used to drive chains and roller chains in industrial applications include;

  • Parallel
  • Pilot
  • Taper Bush
  • A chain is used to connect two sprockets and provides a positive, non-slip drive. The size of the chain links must match precisely the size and spacing of the sprocket teeth. Chains are available in a range of styles to both British and American standards as conveyor chain, roller chain, heavy duty chain and leaf chain.

    We stock all types of industrial sprockets from leading distributors to complement our chain products. We have a wide variety of sprockets for any application you may need, from the smallest motor sprocket, all the way up to larger freewheel sprockets and the free wheels that go with them. Contact us for further information on our range.

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