Taper Lock Bushes

Easy assembly of your transmission equipment with Taper Lock Bushes

Taper Lock Bushes are a proven, simple way of securing shafts to pulleys and sprockets without the need for more specialized tools or additional machining. All that is needed is a hexagonal key or Allen key.

The Taper Lock Bush is a locking mechanism used in Power Transmission Drives for securing pulleys, sprockets, and couplings to shafts. The Taper Lock bush is pre-bored, tapered and keyed to match the required shaft and keyway diameters.

This simple design allows for easy maintenance and is a simple easy-on, easy-off process.

Taper lock bushes are available in cast iron and in stainless steel and in a range of imperial and metric bore sizes.

Discover a wide range of high-quality taper lock bushes and sprockets, pulleys and couplings at Junction Tool Supplies.

Taper Lock Bushes

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