V Belts & Pulleys

Belt and Pulley solutions for efficient power transmission

In power transmission systems power is transferred from one rotating shaft to another through V belts and pulleys.

V Belts are flexible looped belts available in a range of sizes and types to meet the needs of different applications. They are made from durable materials such as synthetic and natural rubber. Their design facilitates gripping onto the roller components (i.e., pulleys) during operations, decreasing the risk of slippage and alignment problems.


Pulleys- There are 2 main types of pulleys – v pulleys and timing pulleys.

These are available in a range of sizes and dimensions and are made out of cast iron, steel or aluminium.

  • V-belt pulleys are an attachment that transfers energy between axles with the help of a V-belt.
  • Timing belt pulleys feature teeth and pockets on the outside diameter of the pulley’s body. These teeth and pockets mate with a timing belt.

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