Access A Comprehensive Collection Of Power Tools In Victoria

Finding the right power tools for your next project can be time-consuming, especially if you must shop around at multiple stores. At Junction Tool Supplies, we have made it easy for you by offering a range of power tools at our location in Laverton North Victoria. From drilling, cutting, grinding to sanding, our range of power tools covers all your needs. In addition, we partner with the best brands to source a wide variety of the latest power tools from top brands, so you will be sure to find what you need.


Our Store Offers A Variety Of Power Tools No Matter What Your Needs Are

  • With Cordless Tools, you have the advantage of increased mobility and flexibility. These battery-powered tools do not require a power outlet or extension cord to operate, making them ideal for tasks requiring a high degree of mobility and working in remote locations. These tools eliminate the limitation of cords and can offer more freedom of movement.
  • With a range of specialised tools from drilling, screwdriving, chiselling and stirring, you are able to mix and stir anything from mud, paint and mortar to concrete and other materials as well as drill holes in wood and metal.
  • Generators are like the modern-day fireflies, harnessing mechanical energy to create sparks of electricity. With our skilled professionals on hand in Victoria, you can easily access high-quality generators for all your power needs
  • Glue guns are the perfect tool for craft and repair projects. They use hot glue to attach materials like wood, plastic, and ceramics together with precision. Get creative by using one of these versatile tools.
  • Heat guns are powerful tools capable of accomplishing many different tasks. Whether you need to remove paint, thaw a frozen pipe, or activate adhesive materials, the concentrated stream of hot air is sure to get the job done quickly and effectively.
  • An essential garden tool, hedge trimmers are used to alter your outdoor space accurately. Perfect for pruning and shaping hedges, bushes and other plants into the exact shape you are always dreamed of.
  • Portable Pumps are a must-have tool for construction, industrial and agricultural projects. They enable the easy transfer of liquids, air, gases, and other materials – making any job easier.
  • With precision in mind, sawing tools can craft materials into desired shapes and sizes. From the versatile circular saw to other specialized components, these intricate instruments keep projects moving forward with accuracy.
  • Using Vacuum & Extraction Tools protects your health and keeps your environment clean whether you are drilling, sawing, griding or milling which generate dust and chips.
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Victoria’s Leading Abrasive Supplier

We are your one-stop destination if you are looking for abrasives that can tackle any surface and application. If you work in the automotive, construction or manufacturing industries, it is essential to find quality abrasive supplies that are reliable and efficient.

  • Cut Off Discs & Wheels
  • Flap Discs & Wheels
  • Grinding Discs & Wheels
  • Sanding & Polishing Discs, Wheels & Buffs
  • Wire Brushes

Need High-Quality Fasteners For Your Project Today?

Get the reliable fastening solutions you need for your projects with a wide range of fasteners available in Victoria, including screws, nails, and bolts. These fasteners are essential for securely holding together materials in a diverse range of construction, manufacturing, industrial and assembly: – Did you Know?

Our high-quality fasteners are crafted from diverse materials, coatings, galvanizing, and other options, are designed to last.

  • They are Convenient to apply and can be effortlessly utilized by hand or with power tools.
  • We have a huge selection of sizes and types to fit any specific need.
  • Choosing to purchase fasteners from us is a wise move.

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Choose The Best Material Handling Equipment In Victoria

From pallet jacks, trolleys to winches we provide a wide selection of material-handling equipment tailored to your needs. Streamline your process to as its workers move goods and products safely with our efficient solutions – designed to increase productivity while minimizing labour requirements. Get ready for top-notch performance from each piece of equipment.

With stringent industry regulations, construction and warehouse businesses need to be diligent in their compliance efforts. This is why we provide the best material handling equipment – durable, efficient, and reliable – for your operations. We also offer exceptional customer service with knowledgeable staff so you can be confident that all standards are met.

A Reliable Source For PPE And Safety Equipment Supplies

When sourcing PPE and safety equipment in Victoria. it is essential you find that PPE supplier that provides high quality products, great customer service with affordable prices. Our strong industry reputation speaks volumes – Junction Tool Supplies is synonymous with excellence in the industrial sector and our service level is second to none. We partner with top brands to bring you the very best PPE and safety products.

At Junction Tool Supplies, we strive to ensure your workers stay safe with our selection of reliable and trustworthy protective equipment. We are the go-to supplier for Victoria businesses looking for top-quality safety essentials that meet their needs in any industry setting – all under one roof.

Keep your team safe and sound with our comprehensive selection of essential safety gear! We offer everything from protective eyewear to lifesaving first aid kits, so you can rest easy knowing that your employees are equipped for any situation.


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