Welding clamps & Magnets

Welding Clamps & Magnets: that extra pair of hands for the perfect weld

For a quick and secure way to hold your objects in place look no further than our welding magnets and clamps. Welding magnets and clamps are invaluable for any welder looking for precise results without using extra fixtures like vices.

Easy to set up and with an accurate hold these tools will let you position any type of metals, ferrous with magnets and clamps for all others, at the desired angles for a weld. They can be used in different settings and on workpieces of all shapes. 

Welding magnets are ideal when you need to get a tack weld started, solder a couple of thin pieces of sheet metal or simply need help to clean up your workplace from metallic dust and shavings.

Welding Clamps with their high holding strength are great for holding a piece of steel sheet or tube from a variety of angles, which allows for the creation of inside and outside corners during welding.

Choose from a range of sizes, shapes and strengths designed for your specific welding tasks for optimal performance and stability. Made from durable, long-lasting materials, these clamps and magnets are all you need for the perfect weld.

Welding clamps & Magnets

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