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Welding wire, rods and electrodes are vital pieces of equipment used in the welding process, and their quality and performance directly impact the outcome of a welding job.

What type of electrode you need depends on the type of base metal being welded, the welding process and machine.

Electrodes are categorized as consumable or non-consumable. Arc welders and MIG welders use consumable electrodes as welding wire, but TIG welders use non consumable electrodes which resemble long wire rods.

stainless welding rod

Consumable electrodes are electrodes that become part of the weld bond itself. The electrode serves as the filler metal and melts along with the metals to be welded together, whereas non-consumable electrodes maintain their shape.

MIG welding wire comes in many different types but there are 2 main types that can be used – solid MIG wire or flux core (wire with a flux compound in it).

Depending on the application, both kinds of MIG welding wire (solid and flux-core) can be made from a range of materials including aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and silver and are available in various diameters, lengths and coatings.

Tungsten electrodes are the most popular non consumable and are used with a TIG welder, Tunsten electrodes are made from pure tungsten or a combination of either tungsten and throrium or tundten and zirconium and can easily handle extremely high temperatures without sustaining damage of wear.

We stock premium quality welding electrodes and wires for TIG, MIG and arc welding and have plenty of options for you to choose from.

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