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Why Junction Tool Supplies Pty. Ltd?

Junction Tool Supplies Pty. Ltd. have been providing tools and equipment for pipe and tube fabrication since we started operating in 1974. Hard work, dedication, and quality products have brought us a long way. We have now become a known brand name in the tool supplying field. Meet our team

We believe in providing the best

We have always been cautious about where we source our products from, as we want to offer the best products to our customers. Our reliable sources provide us with exceptional products that we stock with utmost care. Every time we receive an order, we ensure to re-check our products before delivery to ensure that you will not receive a poor quality product.

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Contact us

Get in touch with us on (03) 9689 8777 to know more about our pipe beveling machines, pipe fitter tools, and pipe stands in Australia.

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